transcendent whispers
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About transcendentwhispers:

Beyond the edge of the light, at a place where your laughter and tears have run out, is where your humanity awaits. There you can, perhaps, live in stillness.

The world goes fast, but we go slow here.

About myself:

In my vain moments, I fashion myself as a Curator of Aesthetics. ;) Otherwise, I am female, 23, a thinker and a dreamer, a student, and an amalgamy of forces.

I hope that my tumblr constantly reminds me of the aesthetic of the beauty in reality. Finally, I would be honoured if you would share your thoughts with me.



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“In America, we have a hard time understanding why people in places like Bosnia are willing to suffer so much in a futile war. The goal of imperial wars, which we are most familiar with, is to conquer and rule. The goal of nationalist wars, as in Bosnia, is to conquer and cleanse. These contests are winner-takes-all. When you are faced with enemies who wish to expunge you from your land, and when those enemies offer a treaty that ensures their boots will stay on your throat, suffocating you one day, you have little choice but to keep struggling, even though the odds are against you and people who call themselves your friends are saying you should give up. Resistance becomes not an option but an imperative.” —Love Thy Neighbour: A Story of War, by Peter Maass.
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